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Gearing up for Warm Weather Prairie Grouse

This season, we’re going to head north and west for early season prairie grouse hunting in South Dakota and Idaho in late September and early October. The average temperatures are expected to be a low of 38 and a daytime high of 66, with the possibility of hitting highs the mid-80’s. The distances and elevation […]

Started Dog or Puppy — finding the best fit for you and your family

At Upland Dogworks, our goal is to provide you with a started gun dog trained to fit your specific hunting needs. Whether you hunt in the wide-open prairies of the Dakotas, the grouse woods of New England or anywhere else, our breeding and training programs develop young dogs to meet your standards. At the same […]

Preparing Your Dog For the Upcoming Hunting Season: Part 2 – Building on the Foundation

Don’t Wait Last post, I covered some of the fundamentals of building a training and nutrition foundation for your dog. This week, I want to talk through some of the practical steps you can take. The best advice I can give is don’t plan on hunting your dog into shape, get them out and get […]

Preparing Your Dog For the Upcoming Hunting Season: Part 1 – Creating a Foundation

Establishing a Pre-Season Foundation: Over the past 20 years I’ve come to expect and plan for my personal hunting dogs to be properly trained and conditioned prior to the start of hunting season. I get the opportunity to hunt in 6 different states with various upland species, habitats and extreme swings in weather conditions. If […]