Started Dogs

An Upland Dogworks started gun dog is an investment that will provide you and your family a tremendous hunting partner and beloved friend for many years to come. Whether you hunt in the wide-open prairies of the Dakotas, the grouse woods of New England or anywhere in between, our breeding and training programs will develop a young dog that is right for you.

We work with our clients well in advance of their purchase to match a started dog with characteristics that fit their lifestyle and hunting needs.

Puppies and Started Dogs
Started Dogs in Training
Started Gun Dog Graduates

Call Kristin to hear more about our Started Dog Program and reserve your dog.  

Our definition of a started dog is one old enough to hit the ground running as you start your next hunting season, but still young enough to bond with your family – typically 8 to 12 months old. The dog will understand and obey basic commands, will vigorously seek and find game, point birds staunchly and has been exposed to the gun. The dog has been socialized in the field with other dogs and is beginning to establish their own range according to cover and quarry.

The main advantage to buying a started dog is you get to assess its personality, drive, physical structure and training level before you take him or her home. When you purchase a started dog from Upland Dogworks, we give you a full demonstration of the dog’s abilities in the field and a short-course on handling the dog in a variety of hunting situations.

Get in the field with your dog this season!