Started Dogs and Puppies for Sale

A great gun dog is an investment that will provide you and your family a tremendous hunting partner and beloved friend for many years to come.

Upland Dogworks offers a variety of ways to find your next hunting companion. Whether it’s puppies for those who prefer to do all their own training, started dogs or finished dogs, we can help you find and develop the right dog for your hunting needs. In addition to our range of puppies and started and finished dogs available for sale, we also offer stud service and general consulting on what dog is right for you.

Find your perfect hunting companion

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Started Dogs

At Upland Dogworks, our goal is to provide you with a started gun dog trained to fit your specific hunting needs. Whether you hunt in the wide-open prairies of the Dakotas, the grouse woods of New England or anywhere else, our breeding and training programs develop young dogs to meet your standards. Our definition of a started dog is one who is old enough to hit the ground running as you start your next hunting season, but still young enough to bond with your family -- in general 8 to 14 months old. The dog will understand and obey basic commands, have drive to seek and find game, point birds staunchly, be socialized with other dogs and exposed to the gun. The dog is beginning to establish range according to cover and quarry and retrieve naturally. They’ll be comfortable with crating and travel. Although started, they are still a work in progress and require time and patience in training and field hunting experience. There are several advantages to buying a started dog, the main one being it is an approach that gives you a good idea of what you’re getting and what the dog can do, before you take him or her home. When you purchase a started dog from Upland Dogworks, we give you a full demonstration of the dog’s abilities in the field and a short-course on handling the dog in a variety of hunting situations. You get to assess the dog's personality, drive, physical structure and training level. This eliminates a lot of risks. Plus, you get into the field a lot sooner, potentially cutting a year or more off your time to start hunting with your dog! If you can afford to spend a little more money, want to hunt with your dog sooner and enjoy training, but don’t want to deal with foundation training a puppy, a started dog could be the choice for you. Call us now to hear more about our Started Dog Program and reserve your started gun dog today. All started dogs must be picked up in person by the owner and receive a private handling lesson with Rob.


If you would prefer to buy a puppy, the Upland Dogworks breeding program produces even-tempered, outgoing and easy-to-train dogs with a superior passion for finding, pointing and retrieving birds. When buying a puppy, it is a good idea to research who the parents are. We take great pride in the time and effort it takes to breed our best females to our historical bloodlines and current field circuit champions. Feel free to call us at any time to discuss upcoming or specific litters in which you may be interested. Our pups are socialized early focusing on the 3 S’s (sights, sounds, scents). They are exposed early on to ambient noise, group roaming sessions and outdoor play time. As the pups mature we expose them to the field and various covers individually and in groups. We like to have our pups spend time around people and have daily exposure to new environments. This gets them excited about new adventures and builds their early sense of discovery. It also minimizes a pup's stress when it’s time to journey to its new home. Call us to discuss upcoming litters or to reserve a started dog as your future hunting companion.

Gun Dogs

Upland Dogworks will sometimes have fully trained dogs to sell. Call us for more information.