Training Programs

Upland Dogworks specializes in training and conditioning pointing dogs of all breeds for the passionate upland hunter, lodge owner and field trial competitor. The first step in our training program is an understanding of the owner’s experience with his or her dog, and an evaluation of the dog’s current level of performance. This information enables us to set realistic goals and develop a customized program for each dog.

Each client is provided with an early assessment report and follow-up call to review the dog's performance plan. We understand the importance of communication and are committed to sending routine progress reports with pictures so that you can share with family and friends.

Train with a purpose, Hunt with a passion!

The Foundation

This program is designed to nurture a young dog’s natural instincts through low stress training and positive reinforcement.

Started Gun Dog

Dogs in this program will become successful hunters; responsive to voice commands, able to perform
socially with other hunters and their dogs and be vigorous bird finders.

Gun Dog

This program puts the finishing touches on your started gun dog, turning it into a lifetime hunting companion.

Performance Conditioning

This program will prepare your gun dog or broke field trial dog for the upcoming season.

Field Trial Finished

We specialize in developing steady to wing and shot field trial dogs.

The Foundation

The “Foundation” is designed to nurture a young dog’s natural instincts through positive reinforcement. The cornerstone of our young dog training is to maintain their intensity while evolving a sense of purpose. We provide young dogs with proper introduction to obedience, field training and bird work.
  • Basic obedience
  • Basic handling and field work
  • Introduction to birds and the hunting environment – building a dog’s enthusiasm for finding birds
  • Socialization with other dogs of similar age
  • Introduction to the E Collar dependent on pup’s age, demeanor and skill set

Started Gun Dog

Our Started Gun Dogs will learn to be responsive to voice commands, vigorous bird finders and staunch on point without chase. Our goal is to start an easy handling bird dog that will be a pleasurable hunting companion.
  • Exposure to simulated field hunting situations
  • Exposure to birds
  • Introduction to shot gun fire and the opportunity to retrieve
  • Continuation of E-collar conditioning
  • Socialized with other dogs
  • Begin learning to honor and work with other dogs in field situations

Gun Dog

This program puts the finishing touches on your started gun dog, turning them into a lifetime hunting companion.
  • worked on live birds in all conditions and situations
  • Live fire used and birds shot for them
  • “whoa” breaking
  • Simulated field hunting situations with other dogs to instill socialization skills and develop steady backing
  • Encouraged to retrieve
  • Have the “buttons installed” and will respond accordingly to E-collar tone and static stimulation
  • Physical conditioning

Annual Performance Conditioning

This program will get you gun dog ready for the upcoming season.
  • Tuning up on bird work and commands
  • Worked on birds in all conditions and situations
  • Have birds shot for them
  • Physical conditioning

Field Trial Broke

We specialize in creating a staunch and steady to wing and shot field trial dog.
  • Becoming steady to wing and shot takes time and repetition. Depending on the dog this may take up to 3 months of dedicated training.
  • Let us help you transition your young dog to the next level of field trial competition.

One on One Handler Training

One on one field training sessions for client owners and their dog
  • Instruction on expected response to commands, e-collar tone and stimulation.
  • Instruction to handle the dog and reinforce trained responses.
  • Includes: timing of correction, terminology to use and the tone in which to give commands.
$75/session plus birds

Please call ahead to schedule a session with Rob so we can block out the appropriate time for you and your dog.

Gun Shy Rehabilitation Program:

We work with gun shy dogs to remove the stress of gun shyness, getting your hunting buddy and family companion back in the field to enjoy the upland experience. This may take 2 weeks or 2 months dependent on the dog.

Training Programs Includes

The price for all training programs includes:
  • Dog Boarding
  • Purina Pro Plan Sport Dogfood
  • Five training sessions per week
  • Daily exercise and conditioning
The price does not include birds used and Nebraska sales tax.